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When you purchase from National Equestrian Wholesalers (NatEquest) all your rights under Australian Consumer Law are automatically granted.

You can rest assured that all our goods are of acceptable quality, material & workmanship.                        

Throughout our decades of business we have developed long term, exclusive partnerships with specialist manufacturers.


Once an order is placed, you’ll receive an order confirmation email. Please check that your order summary and shipping details are correct and contact us immediately if there are details that need to be changed.


Please carefully inspect your purchase before it is used by horse or rider.

If by chance you do find an issue with your purchase, please send an email to [email protected] with your order number and description of the issue.

For retail customers, your first point of call for advice will be the same store the item was purchased from.

NatEquest will be involved and work with the store to find the best solution.

Any product confirmed to be of faulty workmanship or material will be replaced FREIGHT-FREE at the store.

OH&S policy requires any return item to be in a clean & dry state, especially horse rugs & riding boots.

All our saddle trees have a 10-year warranty against breakage.

Leather saddles will show natural characteristics as each hide has individual traits that are not classified as flaw


All prices on this site are in Australian dollars.


Canvas Horse Rugs – These have kept horses protected from the elements for generations and still remain the fabric of choice for many horse owners.

Cotton canvas is a strong, natural, breathable, and affordable fabric with many advantages over new synthetic fabrics.

Our canvas rugs are sewn together using a waxed cotton thread that swells up and expands when wet, enhancing the waterproofing treatment, so your new rug needs to be hosed down and let dry before first use.

Traditionally in the equestrian industry, quality canvas fabric that has been commercially coated to keep out moisture is referred to as waterproof.

Natural breathable proofed canvas horse rugs will keep your horse dry in most normal conditions but the fabric does have limitations.

In very heavy storms or long persistent rain, moisture can eventually enter along necklines and sewn areas, and the canvas fabric can “wet out” and become saturated.

If conditions allow the horse's body heat will generally dry out the rug.

We offer 16 oz, 17.6 oz, and 22 oz cotton canvas with the higher 22 oz with blanket lining offering the best canvas winter protection.

In very high rainfall areas we recommend one of our synthetic fabric rugs.